MRS Fall Meeting, Nov 30 - Dec 05, 2014, Boston, Massachusetts

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MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, Nov 30 - Dec 05, 2014, Boston, Massachusetts

2014 MRS Fall Meeting, Nov 30 - Dec 05, 2014, Boston, Massachusetts


Meeting Chairs: Husam N. Alshareef, Amit Goyal, Gerardo Morell, José A. Varela, In Kyeong Yoo



  • Symposium A: Organic Bioelectronics
  • Symposium B: Multifunctional Polymeric and Hybrid Materials
  • Symposium C: Medical Applications of Noble Metal Nanoparticles (NMNPs)
  • Symposium D: Materials and Concepts for Biomedical Sensing
  • Symposium E: Hard-Soft Interfaces in Biological and Bioinspired Materials—Bridging the Gap between Theory and Experiment
  • Symposium F: Reverse Engineering of Bioinspired Nanomaterials
  • Symposium G: Plasma Processing and Diagnostics for Life Sciences
  • Symposium H: Micro/Nano Engineering and Devices for Molecular and Cellular Manipulation, Stimulation and Analysis
  • Symposium I: Emerging 1D and 2D Nanomaterials in Health Care
  • Symposium J: Emerging Non-Graphene 2D Atomic Layers and van der Waals Solids
  • Symposium K: Graphene and Graphene Nanocomposites
  • Symposium L: Optical Metamaterials and Novel Optical Phenomena Based on Nanofabricated Structures
  • Symposium M: Materials and Technology for Nonvolatile Memories
  • Symposium N: Frontiers in Complex Oxides
  • Symposium O: Oxide Semiconductors
  • Symposium P: Hybrid Oxide/Organic Interfaces in Organic Electronics
  • Symposium Q: Fundamentals of Organic Semiconductors—Synthesis, Morphology, Devices and Theory
  • Symposium R: Diamond Electronics and Biotechnology—Fundamentals to Applications
  • Symposium S: Advances in Materials Science, Processing and Engineering for Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers
  • Symposium T: Wide-Bandgap Materials for Solid-State Lighting and Power Electronics
  • Symposium U: Organic Photovoltaics—Fundamentals, Materials and Devices
  • Symposium V: Sustainable Solar-Energy Conversion Using Earth-Abundant Materials
  • Symposium W: Perovskite-Based and Related Novel Material Solar Cells
  • Symposium Y: Technologies for Grid-Scale Energy Storage
  • Symposium Z: Materials Challenges for Energy Storage across Multiple Scales
  • Symposium AA: Synthesis, Processing and Mechanical Properties of Functional Hexagonal Materials
  • Symposium BB: Molecular, Polymer and Hybrid Materials for Thermoelectrics
  • Symposium CC: Advanced Materials and Devices for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion
  • Symposium DD: Materials for Advanced Nuclear Technologies
  • Symposium EE: Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management XXXVIII
  • Symposium FF: Materials as Tools for Sustainability
  • Symposium GG: Nanomaterials for Harsh Environment Sensors and Related Electronic and Structural Components—Design, Synthesis, Characterization and Utilization
  • Symposium HH: Flame and High-Temperature Synthesis of Functional Nanomaterials—Fundamentals and Applications
  • Symposium II: Semiconductor Nanocrystals, Plasmonic Metal Nanoparticles, and Metal-Hybrid Structures
  • Symposium JJ: 3D Mesoscale Architectures—Synthesis, Assembly, Properties and Applications
  • Symposium KK: Directed Self-Assembly for Nanopatterning
  • Symposium LL: Semiconductor Nanowires—Growth, Physics, Devices and Applications
  • Symposium MM: Carbon Nanotubes—Synthesis, Properties, Functionalization and Applications
  • Symposium NN: Mathematical and Computational Aspects of Materials Science
  • Symposium OO: In Situ Characterization of Dynamic Processes during Materials Synthesis and Transformation
  • Symposium PP: Advances in Scanning Probe Microscopy for Multimodal Imaging at the Nanoscale
  • Symposium QQ: Advances in Nanoscale Subsurface, Chemical and Time-Resolved Studies of Soft Matter
  • Symposium RR: Scaling Effects in Plasticity—Synergy between Simulations and Experiments
  • Symposium SS: Informatics and Genomics for Materials Development
  • Symposium TT: Advanced Materials Exploration with Neutrons and X-Rays—The State-of-the-Art in the International Year of Crystallography
  • Symposium UU: Structure-Property Relations in Amorphous Solids
  • Symposium VV: Recent Advances in Reactive Materials
  • Symposium WW: Defects and Radiation Effects in Advanced Materials
  • Symposium XX: Bridging Scales in Heterogeneous Materials
  • Symposium YY: Advanced Structural and Functional Intermetallic-Based Alloys
  • Symposium ZZ: Hierarchical, High-Rate, Hybrid and Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing


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